Monthly Tea Subscription

Monthly Tea Subscription

  • $ 29.00

** Approximately 60-70 cups **

All your tea dreams - Enjoy 3 of our 2 oz bags hassle free, delivered to your door every month ! 

Weather you reach in your cupboard for tea to kickstart your day or to unwind before bed. Our monthly subscription box will keep you free of all tea emergencies! Fully stocked, day in and out until your next shipment!

Simply choose 1 of 3 options: Caffeinated Only, Caffeine-Free Only, or Best of Both Worlds (Mixed)  ---- at checkout in "notes" section please specify if you have ANY ALLERGIES or FOOD RESTRICTIONS that way we can supply you with the best options.

Subscription includes: Three 2oz bags, 30 unbleached tea filters + 3 reusable cotton sachet 

First box is shipped out within 1-2days of order >> The following months an invoice will be emailed out on the 28th