Being a woman isn't all fun and games, when you least expect it Mother Nature comes knocking. You know what I mean. The painful cramping, aching, back pains, and headaches... Oh the beauTEA of being a woman. But Mother Nature isn't all that bad, she also provides natural remedies to relieve the symptoms of her monthly visit. These natural tea ingredients produce a state of calmness and trigger a natural positive reaction from your body that will release endorphins to make you feel better. So, next time Mother Nature comes knocking, try out these natural remedies to alleviate the pain. 

Wild Yam Tea – This tea contains diosgenin, a substance that resembles to estrogen and which is good for all female reproductive problems.

Chamomile Tea – Is known for its anti inflammatory and astringent properties. This tea will alleviate menstrual and menopausal symptoms. While also, reducing the symptoms for nausea, stress and anxiety. This tea may also relieve headache pain. 

Raspberry Leaf Tea – Helps improve menstrual cramping. This tea is well known for its ability to treat infertility and other conditions of the female reproductive system. While containing Vitamin C,  this tea may also treat anemia, colds, or flu.

Ginger Tea – This tea will reduce stomach bloating, decrease inflammation, relieve stress, and strengthen immunity due to its high antioxidant levels. This will give you a boost of energy, and nourishes your nervous system. 

Turmeric Tea – This tea contains a natural anti-inflammatory compound and high antioxidant levels which can act as a pain reliever. Especially if you are suffering from menstrual back pain. 

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