Slimming Secrets: Weight Loss Tea Edition

The new year is in full swing and by this time our resolutions are either going strong or long gone! It may be time to try a different routine that will support our health and weight loss goals. In combination to a workout, tea is one of the most effective ways to burning fat.

Here are some of our favorite Birch Fine Tea options that will help you achieve your new year body.


Green tea contains caffeine and flavonoids that help elevate your metabolic rate, improve insulin, and increase fat oxidation. Sencha aids in weight loss, considering the tea is loaded with high phenol levels, catechins, and anti-oxidants. This organic Sencha is medium-bodied that tends lightly vegetative with hints of cut grass. 


The partially oxidized leaves in Oolong tea are loaded with catechins that boost your body’s ability to metabolize fats, which promotes weight loss. Amongst fighting weight gain, Oolong drinkers benefit from high blood pressure. Our milk oolong is the perfect blend of sweet light cream with a hint of orchids.


White tea is dried naturally, and is one of richest and least processed teas. Pai Mu Tan is considered to be a very exquisite white tea, since it is made by hand and only in the Fujian Province. This exotic tea is a great source of antioxidants which helps protect against certain types of cancers while reducing high cholesterol. Pai Mu Tan is a great candidate for weight loss because it helps prevent the formation of new fat cells.


Rooibos tea or “red tea” actually derives from a South African root. This tea contains a compound called Aspalathin, which is known to decrease stress hormones that activates cravings. Furthermore, aspalathin is related to reduce health conditions such as: Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular disease. Not only is this Rooibos tea beneficial for your health, the tantalizing blend will be sure to delight your taste buds!

Are you ready to ready to DRINK THE FAT WAY?


The gaining weight had become a significant cause of reducing the fitness level and body immunity. Only a very few get enough time to work on controlling the unwanted rise in weight

Are you so busy with the daily chores that you are not even able to control the weight of your growing body too? Here is the solution, without going for morning work or any other physical workout; you can get rid of your fat just by involving the weight loss tea Charlotte NC that we are offering.

We have placed a few of the most preferred varieties of weight loss tea that is highly favored by the user that are currently using our valued products. Along with its supremacy to assist in losing the unwanted weight, it tastes so delicious that you will permanently replace your current tea with those we are offering.

We only deal with quality tested and reliable products; we understand the value of the faith that our clients have shown on us. Out of our broad range of tea for weight loss, you can pick the perfect match to your taste and needs.

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