TEA for Beau-TEA


Rejuvenate yourself from the inside, OUT. Our tea is filled with high antioxidants to boost immunity and improve the function of your largest organ; the SKIN. They will restore your skin's natural glow while also improving your general health. 

    - Chamomile Tea – contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which help aid in clearing up skin.  

    - Oolong Tea - contains 50% half caffeine than other teas. Oolong can be drunk daily, or by applying to affected areas. 

    - Black Tea – improves your vascular activity and enhances your epithelial cells production.  

    - White Tea – is high in nutrients which can improve your general health, not just your skin. 

    Spearmint tea - is one type of tea you can drink in order to get rid of acne, as it helps regulate hormones. It prevents breakouts and slowly works to reduce the number of zits on your face.

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